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Pet Medications

Pets Also Need Compounded Medications!

Veterinary compounding is necessary in situations where commercially available medications are not suitable or available in the required dosage, form, or flavor for animals. Our compounding pharmacy works closely with veterinarians to create formulations that are appropriate for different species, sizes, and health conditions of pets.

Here are some key aspects of pet compounding:

Customized Medications: Our pharmacy can prepare medications in various forms such as capsules, flavored liquids, transdermal gels, or even treats, making it easier for your pets to take their prescribed medication.

Adjusted Dosages: Compounded medications allow for precise dosing tailored to the specific needs of each animal, accounting for factors like body weight, species, and individual variations.

Allergy or Sensitivity Considerations: Some pets may have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients commonly found in commercial medications. Our pharmacy can formulate medications without those specific allergens or irritants.



Unavailable or Discontinued Medications: Sometimes, a specific medication may be temporarily unavailable or discontinued by manufacturers. While each case is unique, compounding formulations may be able to provide alternative options by creating a comparable custom therapy.

Flavoring for Palatability: Compounded medications can be flavored to suit the taste preferences of different animals, making it easier for pet owners to administer the medication and ensuring better compliance.


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If you have a pet with specific medication needs or challenges, it’s recommended to consult with a veterinarian who can assess the situation and determine if pet compounding is a suitable option to address your pet’s healthcare needs.

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